Space Tourism – Be Part of the Next Step in Upmarktet Tourism

Space Tourism is a rapidly evolving industry supported by serious investors and a growing field of technological expertise.
The size of the Space Tourism Industry will be in the hundreds of billions, and is modelled on the average cost per trip, multiplied by expected space tourists per year, minus the cost to develop and operate on an ongoing basis a fleet of 'space tourist friendly' spacecraft.
You can read Futron's 2002 PDF Space Tourism Market Study - orbital space travel & destinations with suborbital for more information about the expected size of the market.
In time, as new demand for space tourism expands, the cost per space trip price decreases, and space tourism becomes a more regular and predictable business; the process of launching from a preferred spaceport, experiencing zero gravity, and seeing earth from space, will be streamlined and the lower price will attract more space adventurers.
Currently the evolution of Space Tourism is experiencing an acceleration, fueled by the creativity of engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, and most importantly of all, the customers.

Space Tourism as an Investment

Now You can Invest in Space Tourism

Investor and media interest in space tourism grows and space tourism companies continue to require capital to develop the technology and processes to make space tourism a reality.
Larger space tourism companies are well funded, others offer an alternative technology and business case.
Below are some of the well know space tourism operators and some up and coming ventures that will one day revolutionize space tourism.

The Historical Context of Space Tourism

Space Tourism is no different to any other type of expensive tourism. High net worth individuals, wealthy families, and in general anyone that could afford a different experience, are willing to pay for a space tourism mission provided it is safe.

To invest in space tourism is no different - it is like any other industry and space tourism companies require capital to fulfil their development costs. If you would like to know more about investing in a space tourism company, then get in contact with Space Ventures Investors

Types of Space Tourism Companies

Sub-Orbital Space Tourism Companies

Sub-orbital is the focus of space tourism and the market will evolve into a a safe, reliable and profitable industry.
Currently there are several sub-orbital spacecraft undergoing testing and will soon be operational.
The larger players already have taken reservations.
Current prices vary between $100,000 and $250,000 U.S. Dollars, and are expected to lower to $50,000 within 10 years.
An overview of three space tourism companies that have released estimated prices:

  • Virgin Galactic Spaceship 2: ~$250,000 - Their Space Tourism Passenger list is about 750.
  • Blue Origin: Price Unknown - A focus on rocket-powered Vertical Takeoff and Vertical Landing (VTVL) vehicles for access to sub-orbital and orbital space.

There was some prospects that Airbus Defence and Space could develop a space tourism service for ~$250,000, but there has been no recent information to verify this.

Orbital Space Tourism Companies

Orbital Space Tourism is at a more conceptual stage yet can will in the long term be a much larger market than sub-orbital. If sub-orbital tourism is a joyride up and down, then orbital tourism will be staying a week in a space hotel . Bigelow Aerospace has launched prototype accommodation into orbit, so in time they could be the first real space accomodation company.
As sub-orbital tourism grows, orbital space stations will be a diffrent and more advanced destination.
A tourst space station seems hard to design and finance but the means to build it are not: Multi-billion dollar finance is used for the construction of leisure projects like cruise ships, and the lower-launch costs will mean more payloads available to launch pre-fabricated space hotels into a steady orbit.
SpaceX is developing the capability to ferry space tourists into orbit, private space habitats from Bigelow Aerospace will provide somewhere to stay.

Advanced Space Tourism Companies

What Companies are Focussed on Space Tourism? Various companies (see below) are focussed on developing the technology and processes to partake in space tourism operations.
There are also numerous other companies, some listed, that are creating the technology required for feerying space tourists into space and providing accomodation.
For more information on listed space and aerospace companies, visit Space Stocks.

Orion Span - Plans to build the Aurora Station, which can be used as an orbiting hotel and facility, enabling sovereign nations and corporations cheaper access to space.

Bigelow Aerospace - After national space agencies, Bigelow Aerospace is the most advanced and pioneering company designing, making and testing real orbiting habitats.

SpaceX - Commerically funded and government supported, SpaceX is pushing for Orbital Space Tourism, including Moon / Lunar Tourism, possibly before venturing to set up a Mars Colony. At these stages, a SpaceX IPO would be required to raise additional funding.

Blue Origin - Sub-Orbital Space Tourism, Space Payloads

Virgin Galactic - Sub-Orbital Space Tourism. No stranger to media fanfare and expectaitons.

Zero 2 Inifinty - Sub-Orbital Space Tourism, based on high altitute balloons where space tourists can comfortably fly up to 36 kilometers to enjoy a spectacular view of Earth. Zero 2 Infinity has an edge over competitors in that it's Bloon concept has a lot less moving and flammable parts than rockets, making it a simplified space tourism business.

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